Consuming Desire: Teaching the Female Body in Historical Advertising

The images advertising of women’s beauty and care tell a cleverly designed story intertwining social norms of desire, intimacy, and gender. Examined diachronically, these images record the emergence of a modern understanding of self-fashioning entangled in growing consumerist expectations. As such, many of them still resonate with contemporary audiences. Discussing […]

Assigning “Rebel Ladies”

Pénélope Bagieu is a French illustrator whose graphic novels have received widespread recognition. Her blog BD Les Culottées (which was compiled into a book in 2016 and 2017) features a series of women with an unusual or inspiring story. The comics are short, interesting, biographically accurate, and funny. These comics […]

Teaching French for beginners in time of Coronavirus

This is a PowerPoint that I designed for my 1030 class from the comic writer Fiamma Luzzati published in Le Monde. You can use it for your class as a reading, vocabulary or essay activity! Link to Powerpoint Slides: Petits soucis psychologiques en temps de Coronavirus

Using Subtitles to Improve Pronunciation

To keep the spirits up and maintain engagement during this week, I created this non-graded activity just to work at home on pronunciation. I designed it for beginner students, but it could easily be adapted to more advanced levels. This activity allowed me to combine two of my favorite tools: […]

Transitioning to Distance Learning: Interview with Pr. Sophie Queuniet

Pr. Sophie Queuniet is a Senior Lecturer in French at Columbia University. She has taught French language courses online for many years. She shares a few pieces of advice on distance learning. Conseillez-vous un enseignement à distance synchrone (toute la classe se réunit en même temps en ligne) ou asynchrone? […]

Distance Learning: 8 Tips by Pr. Richard Schumaker

Longtime online instructor Pr. Richard Schumaker shares best practices and challenges to be aware of as CUNY transitions to distance learning. This is a difficult time for everyone – set expectations, accordingly.  Avoid isolation. If possible, develop relationships with colleagues that teach the course that you are about to teach. […]

“Je suis africain” music video

This activity is specifically designed for a Novice Low to Novice Mid French class. Imagine students’ hands shooting up to be chosen to present on Nelson Mandela. That’s just what happened when I did this activity in my French 1 class. I screened the music video for Rachid Taha’s song […]

Call for Contribution

Language Pedagogy @CUNY is now accepting contributions of language instructors across CUNY. Rebecca Raitses and Angélique Ibáñez Aristondo, both doctoral candidates from the French Program, have been developing this teaching resource website for the last few months. Their goal has been to provide a collaborative space to share and showcase […]

“What the World Eats”: Practicing names of food

This activity is ready to implement in any language and best for novice mid to novice high.  In this activity, students view photographer Peter Menzel’s photo series “Hungry Planet,” which documents what families around the world eat in a week. Students then describe what they see in the photos, namely […]

Fictional Family Tree

In this activity students break into groups to diagram a famous, fictional family tree. Students then present the family to the class. This activity is ready to implement in any language and best for novice mid or whenever the family unit is covered. Implementation: Students choose which group they’d like […]