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A Toolbox for all Language Educators

Create Your Comic Strip: Humor and Vocabulary Acquisition

Specialized Vocabulary: The Job Interview

I wanted to have an activity for intermediate- lower advanced students related to “La vie au bureau”- worklife. Learning about work life is challenging yet essential for students without work experience at a professional level, since most of them are considering an internship at an international institution, company. or a study abroad semester.

In order to prepare the activity, the students created their own list of questions and we did a joint brainstorming on the board (wit zoom they can do it on the chat) to review the vocabulary and the questions that could be asked during a job interview:

How would you present yourself (professionally)?
Are you organized? Are you punctual?
Do you know how to use the Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)?
Are you a good team player?
What are your strengths? Do you have any previous experience?
How do you deal with stress?

Instead of asking them to create their own video with a partner, I decided to suggest a comic strip activity.

Create the Comic Strip: Use pixton.com to create a free account

I tried to create my own comic strip first to verify that the process was easy and not too time-consuming. I used Google Chrome and I had to change the settings to allow the use of Flash (there was an explanatory video on pixton).I created a free version account on pixton.com and I was quite satisfied with my own production, that I shared as an example with my students.

Ta propre BD (bande dessinée)
Comment ne pas demander une augmentation !

For intermediate to advanced levels:
In small groups, each student will create 4 or 5 images with text and the groups will have to share the link with the instructor since the free version won’t allow to download the final result. It works better with Google Chrome.
For full credit, students will have to do a first draft (5 points), we will revise it together, and they will have to provide a final draft (5 points).
I will crop the images and I will create a common Google document to share the results with the class.
Students can vote for the best project by voting privately on the chat.

Other uses for this activity at a beginner level could be likes and dislikes in a family setting (arguments about food, activities), the weather, what to wear…

Be creative and have fun !


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