A Toolbox for all Language Educators
A Toolbox for all Language Educators

Call for Contribution

Language Pedagogy @CUNY is now accepting contributions of language instructors across CUNY. Rebecca Raitses and Angélique Ibáñez Aristondo, both doctoral candidates from the French Program, have been developing this teaching resource website for the last few months. Their goal has been to provide a collaborative space to share and showcase the most effective, creative, and interactive activities, assignments as well as class projects implemented in language classes across CUNY.

The latest on Language Pedagogy @CUNY:

  • Congratulations to guest contributor and graduate student Oliver Sage, who will become executive editor of Language Pedagogy @CUNY next academic year.
  • Angélique Ibáñez Aristondo recently published in Interdisciplinary Humanities a piece titled “Class-as-Curator: Putting Images to work in the Language Classroom.” This “how-to” piece stems from a lesson plan she wrote for Language Pedagogy @CUNY.

Contact Information:

Angélique Ibáñez Aristondo                                                 Rebecca Raitses

aibanezaristondo@gradcenter.cuny.edu                             rraitses@gradcenter.cuny.edu

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